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Monday, 9 October 2017

Wreath : Christmas decorations that are ready to eat

I was looking for inspiration to create a Christmas wreath hanging on the doors, when I found some very unconventional ideas to decorate, and that in all of them there were edible elements. Maybe with food not play, but decorate itself is decorated.

Candy canes

The candy canes are a very sweet and Christmas option to create a very fun and easy to make crown. If you can not find them easily, I recommend American food stores - this time, better not go to Starbucks; sell them one at a time, when in American stores you may find them in stock, a more economical format. To do it, you only need candy canes, a hot melt glue gun and an ornament to put in the center.


Also a pretty Christmas element in the kitchen. To me, Christmas tastes like cinnamon, I always use it to pour hot chocolate with cream or Christmas coffee. Well now you can also use it to decorate; you only need to buy cinnamon sticks and a cardboard ring the size you want to stick sticks. If you want, you can also put red jingle bells to decorate. All you need is a loop to hang the crown and ready!


Maybe here sounds a bit strange, but in the United States it is quite common to make garlands with popcorn to decorate the tree. With this do it yourself we go one step further, and we use popcorn to make a whole crown. It's quite easy: you only need the base of porexpan, glue, popcorn and a loop. Ah, and snack first not to be hungry, that if this craft is not a danger.


This idea struck me as brilliant: a white crown made of sugar clouds with a silver bow. You need marshmallows of two sizes, the largest and the smallest, the base to make the crown and a silver tie. If you want to decorate it a little more, you can put silver ornaments for the Christmas tree or bells.

Mint candy

Finally, another version of the style of the candy canes is this crown made with mints, the typical white and red caramelitos. As they are redonditos, it is quite possible to see the filling of the crown: you can leave it blank or paint it red if you like more. Then it's just a matter of gluing the candy to cover as much as possible the crown and then put the bow.

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