October 2014 - Only Deco


Friday, 31 October 2014

Christmas Tree at home

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So would you like to make one? Here's how we made hers!
These are the only 3 things you'll need (and decorations...if you want)

The Mesh Ribbon we used was 2 1/2" wide, if you've never used mesh ribbon, don't be afraid you can't mess up while using it -it's very forgiving!

This foam piece for the core of the tree

And Greening Pins.

What we did was so simple we unrolled the mesh ribbon a little at a time and then twisted it....

Here's a closer look at the twist..kind of looks like a ringlet...haha

After twisting just pin it with the greening pin, keep twisting and pining all the way around and work your way up...

Make sure to start out wider at the bottom and get more narrow as you reach the top.

And in the end you'll have the cutest little tree ever! I just love little Christmas trees!

Then go ahead and get to decorating the most fun part right?

And ta-da! Look how awesome that turned out!

Right now I'm wishing this was my kitchen table!

have fun with it ;)

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Three Antique Vintage Apothecary Bottles With Skeleton Keys

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These three old antique apothecary bottles are dated between 1920-1940. Dug up in the California Central Coast area, one is unmarked and the other two have stamped wording on them as noted below. All are in good vintage condition, with some mineral stains, hazing and good old vintage goodness and charm. The vintage skeleton keys are tied at the neck with natural rafia, cotton and hemp.

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Halloween Mummy Mini Card

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This adorable Halloween mini card set comes with a 3 X 4" handcrafted mummy card, peeking out of an envelope. Each embellishment is handmade with much detail and care, and of course only the highest quality products are used!

Thank you for visiting my little store.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

DIY : Vintage Key Frame

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Hi, I've found this really cute key holder I always lose my keys i'm usally all ready and ontime untill I have to spead 10 mintues tracking down my keys, would look so cute and would really bright us any wall. I will be trying this weekend!
You’ll need a frame, screw hooks, a screw driver. Find or buy some vintage frame, you can paint it as you like. Take a screw driver with appropriate size screw and hooks of an appropriate size. Drill correct sized holes into the frame, after holes are drilled, screw in each hook, and you’re ready to mount on wall and hang keys.

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hello Christmas

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Take one of these...

and bend it into the form of a circle. Then, grab your glue gun and as many round ornaments in varying sizes as you can find. You'll need about 80 in all. Whenever I do my tree, I like the more unusual shapes, so it's always the round ones I have left over. Even if you don't, though, you can always find them for reasonable prices at a discount retailer, especially after the holidays. 

To secure the metal cap to the ball, dab a little hot glue and press. That way, the cap will remain attached as the ornaments are strung. 
Next, untwist the end of the hanger, then string one ornament at a time, making sure to alternate the placement and colors as desired. Use smaller sizes to fill in the gaps! 
Check out the final result! To secure it to the door (make sure it's on the interior!), I used the hook end of the hanger, together with a little wire. Then I covered it up with bubblegum pink satin ribbon and a bow. How simple and beautiful is that?

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smart decoration

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Neat little decoration to put on your dressing table!
i choosed the letter 'M' cauz it is the first letter of my lover's name , i hope you enjoy it , this is the tutorial will show you how to make it.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

DIY Snowflake Gift Tags

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you will need:

  • Brown Creative Tags (from Michaels, they are 20 for $1.25)
  • Ribbon or Bakers Twine for stringing
  • Red, Green & White construction paper (or card stock)
  • Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch (available on Amazon or at Michael’s)
  • TO/FROM stamp or alphabet stamp (I found mine at Walmart for $1)
  • Stamp Ink
  • Glue Gun

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How to Make a Hanging Branch Centerpiece for Halloween

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Themed centerpieces are great for holiday parties, but they take up valuable space on the table, leaving less room for food. A perfect solution to this dilemma is a floating centerpiece, which hangs above the table. For this Halloween floating centerpiece, a gnarled branch with sleeping bats appears to be suspended in midair, adding to the decoration’s spook factor.

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